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About the French Alps, Portugal property investment, the Portuguese Golden Visa and more...

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The French Alps continues to be a place for investment in lifestyle and wealth preservation. Then in the future, Many of our Asia clients are considering making France their semi-permeant alpine base. We also continue to help our clients find their perfect home in the beautiful cities of France's Côte d'Azure.

Buoyed by a strong dollar, Lisbon continues to be favoured due to its excellent schools, surf-before-work lifestyle, economic security and entrepreneurial growth. We have a complete view of this market to help our clients across the US identify the best place for relocation or investment.

No single destination along France's Côte d'Azure is the same as the other.

This is we help client around the world search the South of France for their dream second home or investment opportunity.

It is still possible to get on the path to European citizenship via a Golden Visa investment in Portugal.

With options from €500,000, dollar-pegged investors can benefit from unhindered travel around the Schengen zones and also pave the way to a family legacy in Europe.

Just an hour outside Lisbon, Comporta & Melides continue to seduce people with their slow-living charm, and barefoot-luxe lifestyle. Tourism across the region is up 16% on pre-Covid levels too which means it's a solid rental investment. In Madeira, where the emerald-green mountains are kissed by the azure ocean, we're seeing more international interest in its booming start-up scene, low cost of living and high quality of life.
We have helped private investors and investment consortiums invest in retail, land, hospitality and development projects in Lisbon, The French Alps, Northern Brazil, Porto and more.

The budget range is varied, with commercial clients ranging from the low €millions up to around €100m.

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In addition to organising property viewings from our office in Annecy, we support our clients through every step of the purchase process from accessing the 20% VAT rebate programme, to finding the best French mortgage at a low rate, and introducing you to the best rental management company.

We also decode the paperwork and contracts and become the bridge between all the different legal and official parties involved in the purchase, guiding our clients through every step of the process.
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